What this kid learned in Peru…

Traveling to Peru was one of the most important experiences of my life.

It was there where I first saw the intense poverty present in the Peruvian mountainside.

It was there I met strangers who would gently remind me of the path I should be on in my life.

It was there I saw how the pain and the trauma of major historical events can propagate through incredible amounts of time.

It is there I felt resentment and guilt for being born into privilege.

It is there I saw the tallest snow-capped mountains, the bubbling rivers, and the starriest skies.

It is there I was reminded of the wisdom the ancients held.

It is there I felt most alive.



IMG_20140411_114823072_HDR  IMG_20140411_125041484_HDR


IMG_20140411_144954896  IMG_20140411_134828528 IMG_20140411_140043709_HDR IMG_20140411_140700232_HDR IMG_20140411_140841802 IMG_20140411_141451493_HDR   IMG_20140411_144226564_HDR  IMG_20140411_151027863_HDR  IMG_20140411_155436780 IMG_20140411_160232746_HDR IMG_20140412_070030540_HDR IMG_20140412_080551915_HDR IMG_20140412_085031214_HDR IMG_20140412_085928323 IMG_20140412_100058629_HDR IMG_20140412_104115711_HDR


IMG_20140412_132327440 IMG_20140412_112022610 IMG_20140412_112215172_HDR     IMG_20140413_143341909_HDR   IMG_20140414_134746801_HDR  IMG_20140414_164044867


At the top of MachuPicchu Mountain.


For $25 bucks a day, you can rent a motorcycle in Cusco and take it through the Peruvian Mountains. Absolutely amazing.


Singing some Adele.


Sunset in the sacred valley.



Guinea Pig. Not so delicioius.



I highly recommend a trip to this lovely place.

It has so much to offer you. and I say that even without having traveled to Lima, Arequipa, Huacachina, Manu, or many other allegedly wonderful Peruvian destinations.

Traveling always rewards my mind, body, and soul, and this trip was no exception. 

Never stop learning, and never stop traveling!


3 thoughts on “What this kid learned in Peru…

  1. Andre, de nuevo digo que tus fotos están lindisimas, me traen a la memoria pasajes de mi linda Colombia; tambien me gusta saber que el ver la pobreza de estos paises te hace ser más agradecido por todo lo que la vida te ha brindado.

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