The Present is Potent

The Present is Potent

The future is far and preoccupying.

The past is futile and perilous.

The Present is Potent.

The present is now.

The present is every contraction of your diaphragm, every oxygen molecule you wheeze for.

Ribs move up. Ribs move down.

It is the stray dog who looks you in the eyes for a trace of compassion.

The present can be cruel and surprising.  It’s the throbbing pain in your knee when, just when you thought you had it figured out, you slipped and busted your ass.

The present is a nascent past and an expired future.

It is all of these things.

And it’s all we have.

Accept your anxieties and the little control you have.

Forget about your mistakes and forgive yourself.


Are you ready to live?


What are you thinking?

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