Road Rage.

I don’t know who you are, but you just passed me way too close and way too fast.

When I got on my motorcycle today, I reminded myself that this could all end too easily at the hands of someone like you, whoever you are.

Whoever you actually are, a parent, a pastor, a mechanic, a politician, a kind hearted person… however you consider yourself to be or are considered to be by those who know you…. all of who you are dissipates in the cloud of dirt you kicked up as you blew past me in your Toyota pick-up truck.

Those dirt particles enter my helmet, and infect me with a type of rage that I don’t like to feed. I do my best to starve it, but on my worst days (and its best days) I’m helpless to its power.

And this was your contribution to the universe.  It was your move, and this is what you chose to put out there.

How does that make you feel?

I am angered by your inconsideration. Your selfishness and ignorance. Your utter disregard for my life and those who care about me.  I want to pull you out of your metal cage of over compensation, and sit you down and have you consider your actions.

And it’s at this point that I realize there are two perpetrators to this situation. You, my reckless friend, and me, the reactionary.

You were sent as a test for my patience and acceptance, and I failed miserably.  I know deep down I must accept the inequality, injustice, and all of the other fucked up things in this world. I must accept them and be at peace with them for this is, has been, and will be the state of the universe.

Any perceived control over the events in this chaotic plane is an illusion.  And desperately trying to hold onto that control with anger, consumes my soul. It drains the basin of my presence, and transports me into lands of frustration, desperation, and helplessness.

So, here goes nothing (deep breath in, deep breath out.)

We’re both flawed; there’s no denying that. And while I’m not a fan of your driving, I have no clue what life circumstances might have brought you to be how you are. As much as  I believe in free will and the power of choice, I can’t deny the power of life events in shaping our identities and our paths in this world.

Maybe someday you’ll change your ways, but today you’re still dangerous. So, I’ll keep my distance and keep my cool.IMG_20140416_092726961_HDR



One thought on “Road Rage.

  1. La ira es un pecado capital, que no nos lleva a nada bueno, algunas veces ponemos en peligro nuestras vidas, perdemos energia, y al final nos preguntamos si valió la pena!! siempre tenemos que recordar que dos feos no hacen uno bonito!! 🙂

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