To a Wonderful Mother.

Dearest Mother,

23 years ago tomorrow, I was born. And, don’t you remember? I was born on Mother’s Day.

I’ve always been kind of resentful that you chose to have me on that day. What were you thinking!? Do you know how hard it is to share your birthday thunder with someone else?


Kind of ;).

Putting aside jokes, I’m very sorry I couldn’t be with you on this day, but you know that I was born an adventurer, and that, chances are, this will not be the last important day we’re geographically separated from one another.

As I write this, I’m sitting on a rickety makeshift bench out in the Brazilian countryside — I got on my motorcycle and let it take me wherever I felt the words would flow best.

I love you, Mom. Although I’ll never get a tattoo that says that, I really do. You gave me life. You held me in your arms. You taught me so many things about living. You pushed me when me motivation was less than par (which I’m grateful to you for, even though many times I pushed back.)

There are certain things in you I see in myself.  I think about your life before  me and your experiences, your successes and failures.  I wonder which same lessons we’ll both have learned in the end. I want to learn more from you. But I hope, in our differences, there are some things you can learn from me too.  Because at the end of the day, we are different too.

We have grown much closer since the high school days of the dictator-underling era of our relationship.  I feel I can share more with you now, and I want to.  I only hope that over the years our relationship becomes more close, because I’m not afraid of being a “Momma’s Boy”!


Your son,


P.S. I made the graphic below. Feel free to share!



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